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You have reached my lovely Error 404 page, which means one of three things:

1. The page you requested is under a rare reconstruction, and will be up soon;

2. The server is acting screwy and being stubborn, which will probably be fixed soon;

3. The page actually doesn't exist anymore, because I deleted it or took it down to work on it on my own computer. How long this takes to fix depends on how long it takes me to edit the code, but don't fret----the page should be up before you know it.

If number 3 applies to you, please note in the guestbook that you requested the page and it wasn't there. I check that thing obsessively, so I will most likely see your message very quickly and get the problem checked. But for now, here's a link back to the Transcendence home page. Thanks for visiting my site, and I promise this error will be fixed very soon!

Transcendence Beckons You Home!